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Optimum Local, Cablevision's local programming division, opens a window to important community events and issues. These locally-produced programs and segments connect citizens to relevant events, entertainment, people, and issues, information that may not be available in other media forums.

Check the television listings in your area for information about programming and events on your local programming channel — programming for and about you... your family... your neighbors... your community.

Cablevision local programming. TV that’s close to home

Meet the Leaders
Meet the Leaders
An insightful program with area leaders, Meet the Leaders explores the people, policies and issues which are responsible for directing the future course of regional communities. Through discussion and query directed by our host / moderator, Meet the Leaders helps our viewers to gain a deeper understanding and a greater awareness of the factors integral to the formation of local decision.

Neighborhood Journal
Neighborhood Journal
Provided as an entertainment and information resource, Neighborhood Journal features the unique local stories that develop a sense of community within the area. Through field- and studio-based segments, our host introduces the viewer to the places, events, and people who make each of our communities feel like home.

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