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Public Access producers must adhere to the following application submission guidelines if they are from one of several areas: Woodbury, Riverhead, Hauppauge, Brookhaven, Bergen, Cresskill, Rockland, Paterson, Morris County, Warwick, Oakland, Monmouth County, Raritan Valley, Raritan, Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark, Hudson County.

  • All applications will be accepted by United States mail only, beginning on August 19, 2015 for a 52 week period which will begin October 1, 2015. Any applications received with an earlier postmark will be unopened and returned to the sender. No in-person, faxed or emailed applications will be accepted, nor will we accept applications by any private mail delivery service.
  • To apply for Access, please contact the Access Department for an application and envelope. Cablevision will only accept one application in the specially marked Cablevision envelope.
  • Applications mailed to addresses other than the ones listed will not be accepted or returned. There will be no exception to this rule.
  • If you are requesting more than one timeslot for your show, additional requests for second airings of the same program from the same applicant or second airing of the same program from different applicants will be done in a separate random selection process. These applications will be accepted and processed after October 2015, only if time is available.
  • In addition to the completed forms, applicants must include proof of residence (Cablevision will only accept a driver's license, state ID card or a utility bill, which includes electric, gas, water, cable or land line phone, tax bill and/or non-profit tax-exempt document 501(c) 3).
  • Applicants will be considered for the first air slot requested. As is the current procecdure, if that slot is taken, your next consecutive request will be considered. Please be sure to indicate 6 choices for airtimes/airdates on your application and give Cablevision a daytime phone number, which will be used only to contact applicants about their submissions.
  • Do not call Cablevision to check the status of your renewal. Notification will be sent regarding applicants' scheduled timeslots.

We will commence with the scheduling of timeslots on a first come first served basis (based on the USPS postmark date). As the mail is opened (again by random drawing in the order of USPS postmark day) each application will be considered for the first air slot requested. As is the current procedure, if that slot is taken, the second air slot request will be considered. If all requested air slots are taken, the applicant will be called and offered another day and time.

Any additional air slot requests for the same program will be considered only after all first requests have been scheduled.